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ALMANAC is a 2D portal-puzzle platformer in development by ViegolTech for the Indie Game Making Contest 2018.

Yes the portal mechanic was hard to make. Yes the crystals and walls were a challenge. Yes puzzles take long to develop.
There needs to be an idea or something to teach the player, that needs to be thaught out and realised. Then the design itself must be good, logical and fun to play around in. Then comes the lighting, playtesting and bugfixing.

In the end it's worth it. The demo is not very long so I'll explain the focus a bit. About 5x6 levels of pure fun gameplay. In the first few stages (demo) you'll learn how to use the portals, crystals and gravity. Then comes the first fairy with a special power which you'll use in the next few levels. Then the next fairy comes around...

In the last screenshot is Ultra Mode 7 used, that is still planned to use but isn't quite ready yet...

If there are any questions, just email me at viegoltech@outlook.com or contact me at the rpgmakerweb forums (@Arend Galenkamp).

Install instructions

Extract the .Rar and double-click "Game".



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